Incredible Convenient Toilet Night Light

Incredible Convenient Toilet Night Light

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  • Are you tired of fumbling in the dark when you need to use the bathroom at night?
  • With a motion sensor, this toilet light automatically turns on and makes your bathroom use much more convenient.
  • You no longer have to turn on lights that are too bright at night!
  • Great for toilet training for your kid!
With this toilet light, you can…
  • Say good bye to bumping into stuff in the dark in bathroom
  • Comfort kids who are afraid of the dark and its for potty training
  • Better performance than other 12-color rechargeable toilet lights
  • EASY INSTALLATION WITH LONG LASTING DURABLE PARTS – do you want to give your family a little surprise by making the bathroom a fun and accommodative place? Our multi-color LED toilet bowl lighting system is designed to do just that. You can install this accessory in a matter of seconds. The adjustable and flexible arm makes things easier, and you can make the motion sensor more effective by having it face the bathroom door!
  • EASY TO CLEAN, SAFE TO USE, ENJOY MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE – are you looking for a toilet bowl light that is easy to clean and safe to use for your entire family? Our LED multi-color toilet bowl light is a smart device that makes your bathroom pleasant and more fun. What’s more? If you’re training your kids on how to use a potty, this LED lighting for the bathroom will make it much more fun for them.
  • MULTI-COLORED (16 colors) LED LIGHT, AUTO SENSING WITH ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM – are you on a budget but looking for an easy and affordable way to light your bathroom and make it more enticing? Ditch those complicated bathroom wall lights and go for the multi-color LED toilet bowl accessory that’s highly usable. Even better, this LED lighting system is fitted with an energy saving system so you get maximum value for your money.


Note:The distance of induction is 2 meters. 

Power Supply: 3x Batteries (Not Included)

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