Portable Hair Dryer Bonnett
Portable Hair Dryer Bonnett

Portable Hair Dryer Bonnett

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We've all been there - trying to dry your hair the traditional way just takes way too long.

This hair bonnet will convert your hair dryer into a professional hair styling system!


  • ✔GIVES YOU SHINY HAIR: Ultra-powerful 2200 w motor with a lightweight frame and Helps reduce frizz, increase natural shine and prevent breakage
  • ✔FASTER DRYING: Evaporates water for quicker styling and reduced dry-time
  • ✔ADJUSTABLE SPEED AND HEAT: Tailor adjustable speed and heat settings to your needs
  • ✔MAKES YOUR HAIR LOOK THICK: 80% faster at increasing hair volume without over-drying


Turn straight hair into wavy/curly hair! 

About the product
  • It is a simple and practical safe hair dryer bonnet hood cap. Use it with hair dryer, to convert your hair dryer into a professional hairdrying system at home. Safe,lightweight,comfortable and convenient.
  • It has Unique adjustable chin strap and side fitting drawstring to secure the in place,and large hood capacity to fit over Curlformers, rollers and velcros.
  • Material:Anti-radiation insulation coating nylon.Bonnet diameter: about 10.2",Height:about 9.4".hose diameter:about 2.2",Length:about 31.5".
  • The bonnet can be used for deep conditioning, hot oils and heat treatments.It is the perfect accessory to use with your Curlformers, rollers and Velcros!
  • Package:1x Beautyours Hair Dryer Cap,1x Hair Dryer Sock(for heat distribution.).Folds neatly for travel.


  • Large hood capacity to fit over Curlformers, rollers and velcros
  • Over 120 ventilation holes for faster and more even heat distribution. 39 " (100cm) flexible hose - ideal for multi-tasking
  • Unique, patented, non-slip, silicone hose collar, fits hair dryer nozzles up to 2.25" (55 cm). Hairdryer not included.
  • Ideal for use with conditioning treatments. Hand washable. Nylon holdall provided - ideal for traveling
  • The bonnet could be used for drying hair, deep conditioning, hot oils, and treatments
  • Elastic at the end of tube holds the hood on the hair dryer
  • Drawstring to tighten around the head
  • The bonnet attaches to the hair dryer and is intended to be used that way

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