Powerful Muscle Therapy Massager (Special Deal-c)
Powerful Muscle Therapy Massager (Special Deal-c)
Powerful Muscle Therapy Massager (Special Deal-c)
Powerful Muscle Therapy Massager (Special Deal-c)
Powerful Muscle Therapy Massager (Special Deal-c)

Powerful Muscle Therapy Massager (Special Deal-c)

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Many of us feel tired from fatigue and sore muscles after a long day No matter if it’s an athlete or an elderly person with sciatica & chronic pain, the Alleviator is easy to use and works perfectly on achy & tired muscles, as it helps massage the soreness away, relieving pain from back, legs and arms instantly within 1 use.

There's a reason chiropractors, physical trainers and therapists everywhere recommend and use it on their clients and themselves on a daily basis!  it’s so easy for personal use or using on someone else as the  Alleviator is known to be quiet, powerful and have a long lasting battery.

In fact customers claim it is so quiet you can use this even at night or at the office without annoying anyone.
And that’s not all! As it comes with an easy to carry case, the  Alleviator is perfect for pre & post workouts as well as treating sore and tense muscles for the entire family at home, work and vacations.

Save time wasted on uncomfortable noisy massagers and therapy sessions that just don’t help relieve that tremendous pain that feels no where to being relieved.

Not only does the  Alleviator works beautifully for all the family, our customers say it is quieter than other massagers that cost up to 3 times its price, as well as being powerful, the  Alleviator comes with an easy to carry & durable case along with 4 massage therapy heads, and have a long lasting battery for easy mobility as it alleviates all muscle pain and knots instantly from those aching shoulders, back , arms and legs.


Stop wasting money on overpriced products and massage therapists that might harm the body resulting in increased tensions and pain levels.


How To Use: (3 Easy Steps)

  • EASY TO USE GUIDE - Each Alleviator arrives with an easy to use user manual to help you get the best results from your Alleviator.
  • SIMPLE AND FUN - Press the button at the back of the Alleviator to turn it on. To increase the speed just click the same button again. To turn it off click again until the Alleviator is turned off   
  • CORDLESS BATTERY -comes with a long lasting 2600mAh rechargeable battery that lasts up 4-6 hours.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - easy to hold for personal use with a light weight of 2.5lbs  


We just ask you try our Alleviator for 30 Days, If you don’t absolutely LOVE our Alleviator just send it back for a full stress-free refund.

Easy! When it comes to health and relieving pain, nothing is more important than getting it right while saving time and money on solutions that just don’t cut it. We at the 99mills family have experienced this first hand in our own family and after discovering the Alleviator we have taken it upon ourselves to make sure we pass this amazing product forward to people in need of pain relief and athletes everywhere!

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